Pick Up and Delivery

Three Easy Ways to Sign Up:

  • Phone App:

    Download our App from the App Store® or on Google Play
    The app will take care of everything and provide pick up and delivery options.

    Get it on Google Play

  • Website:

    Use our Customer Portal, which is the desktop version of the app.
    Input your info and schedule your pick up.


How Pick Up and Delivery Works:

  1. Arrange a Pick Up

    Using the Fireweed Cleaners App, the Desktop Portal or giving us a call.

  2. Select a Pick Up Day

    Depending on which part of town you are in will determine available days.

  3. Provide Payment Information

    We keep a credit card on file that is charged when the clothes are delivered.

  4. Prepare for Pick Up Day

    For the first order, any bag to hold the items will do. When we deliver your items, we will give you a free Fireweed Cleaners bag for next time.

  5. Place Bag in Pick Up Area on Scheduled Day

    Please have the bag in the pick up area by 9 a.m. We are happy to pick up from your porch, garage, office or wherever is convenient for you. When making an electronic pick up request, please indicate pick up area in special requests section.

  6. Prepare for Delivery

    We can provide a hook to put over the door, however, we are happy to use whatever method you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are you in my area?

At least twice a week we will be in your area for pick up and delivery.

How quickly will my items be returned?

It depends on what area you are located in, but typically two business days.

Can I send in household items or items that need alterations?

Absolutely, all in store services are available for delivery customers. Some items may take extra time, but we will get them back as quickly as possible.

Does pick up and delivery cost extra?

No, pick up and delivery is free.

Where will you put my clothes when you bring them back?

The same spot that they were picked up from unless specified otherwise.

I work in an office building, how does the service work for me?

Each office building is different. We will communicate with you to find a suitable pick up and delivery location.

What if I have a problem or a garment needs to be redone?

Call or email our route manager anytime at 907-229-1925 or fireweed2go@gmail.com so we can take care of the problem. We value you as a customer and care about making sure you are always satisfied.

How can I contact Fireweed Cleaners?

The best way to communicate with us is through our App, available for free on the App Store and Google Play. You may also call us at 907-229-1925 or email at fireweed2go@gmail.com.